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Vegan Review

..where vegans come to review products.

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What is Vegan Review?
Vegan Review is yet another review community, only it is specifically for vegans. The other comms for veg reviews were all dead, so I decided to create a new one, and make it just for us. If you are looking for a general vegan community, check out veganism.

Who can join Vegan Review?
Vegans, and those who use vegan products only. This is a place for vegan products to reviewed, without other people coming in and mucking things up. Any post that is not about a vegan product and has not been cleared with me will not be submitted and the membership of the poster will be reviewed.

How should we review?
I'm not going to create a "stardard", but including items like the product name, price and size, and where you got it would be helpful, as well as a grade and why it received that grade. Recipes are also welcome for review.

Why are entries moderated?
I have the entries moderated to give each entry appropriate tags. I want to keep everything neat and organized so people can always find the review they're looking for, or add to someone else's when they've tried the product themselves. I'm not moderating them to prevent trouble, as I'm hoping there aren't too many trolls interested in reviewing vegan products. However, I also won't be approving any entries about non-vegan items.

How can I reach you?
If you are having a problem, my email address is beth.durham(at)gmail(dot)com. I'm not always online, but I am definitely online at least once a day. If someone is giving you a hard time, email me about it and let me take care of it.

How can I tell others about Vegan Review?
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