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Vegan Review

..where vegans come to review products.

Vegan Review

vegan review


September 28th, 2007

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cowboy bebop: omg edward
What: Mooncup UK (the original Mooncup, btw)
Where and How Much: Mooncup.co.uk; $38 USD, 18.99 GBP
Grade: A+
Why: The Mooncup UK is a reusable menstrual cup, so you buy it once and won't have to buy menstrual products for maybe 10 years.. so the $40 investment is relatively nothing. After reading reviews online, I chose the Mooncup UK for it's better shape and size to the alternatives, as well as it's medical grade silicone. I fully recommend it. I absolutely adore my cup, and it helped me to make the transition from my quarterly periods on birth control back to monthly periods without it.

April 15th, 2007

(no subject)

loz: midna
What: Earth Balance spread
Grade: A+(++)
Why: I absolutely adore this stuff on toast. I know, that like butter, it's a "sometimes" food, but it's brought back my love for toast! =D Even my omni boyfriend loves it!

(no subject)

animals:  lbt - dinosaur & cherry
What: Nature's Gate Herbal Balancing Shampoo and Conditioner for All Hair Types
Where and How Much: I got them for somewhere between $4 and $7, I think it was about $6, at Meijers, which is my local grocery (like Wal-mart).
Grade: A
Why: It's only an A and not an A+ because the condition leaves a bar soap feeling on my hands, and I hate that. After using the Aubrey's Organic for all hair types (had milk protein so I discontinued use), my hair was left a little dry. Since using Nature's Gate Shampoo & Conditioner and my hair is softer, shiny, and smells oddly of cloves (which I like). I think this may very well be the shampoo for me.

April 8th, 2007

No reviews from the new members? =( I have another two to post, but I'd rather not be the only one posting!

April 4th, 2007

What: Nayasoya's Nayonaise
How much & Where: I got this from my local Meijers, which is just your standard grocery store (comparable to Wal-Mart without being a giant, evil corporation) for $2.99 a jar.
Grade: D+
Why: For starters, I hate Miracle Whip. I always ate Hellman's REAL mayonnaise, so maybe this is where my problem stems from. I absolutely hate the taste of Miracle Whip, and to me, that is exactly what Nayonaise tastes like. Boo. What a disappoint for me and my three bucks. If you don't mind the taste of Miracle Whip, then you'll probably love this crap, as it spreads on bread all nice-like, just like you'd expect. Sooo, if anyone from my area wants a barely used jar of Nayonaise, comment?
What: Herbivoreclothing.com
Grade: A+
Why: Herbivore Clothing is not only ran by an independent store, but it's also the best place to get Herbivore Magazine (noticing the connection?). I placed an order with Herbivore Clothing and got the order two days later. Items were exactly what I expected, and I am extremely satisfied with the down-to-earth, personal, friendly customer service. I will shop with them again (especially because now I love the magazine!).
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